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Pocket Cents

Learning about money doesn’t have to be work. It can even be fun! Pocket Cents is a website just for kids and is full of stories and articles about earning, saving, and spending money.

  • Find information about the value of money
  • Read how money is used around the world
  • Learn “How to Start Saving” today for an even brighter future

Games & Activities

Learning about money and the credit union doesn’t have to be too serious. We figure if you can have some fun at it, you just might enjoy it more! That’s why we’re sharing these games with you – so you can have fun and learn at the same time. So go ahead and give them a try.

  • Learning Coins
    Learn what each of the different coins is, how to recognize them, and what they’re worth.
  • Money Bingo
    Put your coin knowledge to use along with some math skills to fill a virtual bingo card.
  • Financial Football
    From VISA’s Practial Money initiative, Financial Football mixes financial literacy in with one of America’s favorite sports.