VISA Credit Cards

Accepted worldwide, VISA is the preferred choice when it comes to shopping, dining or travel.

Holiday Special

Double Points are good on all VISA Credit Purchases from November 1 to December 31, 2018.

As a little thank you for using our VISA Credit Card we’re giving all members double points during the holidays.

By now we’ve all heard the “sage” advice to stay out of debt. However, since we’re all using VISA cards these days, follow this “smart” advice to use the card that doubles your points during the busiest shopping time of the year, the holidays.

For those of us using “Reward Points” for travel, gift cards, merchandise or even cash, it doesn’t take much encouragement. For the rest of you, use your Credit Union VISA card and get a little reward for each purchase you make this Holiday Season.

Platinum credit card

VISA Platinum Preferred

Ad Low As 9.5% APR

NO Annual Fee

NO Balance Transfer Fee

$3000 Daily Limit on Purchases

with Scorecard Rewards