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Get Your Tax Refund Early

For those of you in a hurry to get your income tax returns filed, your interest earned on savings and  interest paid on mortgages are at the end of your year end statements. In other words, the 1099 and 1098 information is on your statement.

Paying more than 8.5% APR on your VISA Platinum?

If you’re planning on carrying a balance on your VISA card you can’t beat our VISA Platinum Card. Just 8.5% APR. Why pay more? See Details

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Annual Meeting

Put Friday, April 21, 2017 on your calendar. See Details

Traveling?  Get Discount Tickets

Get discount tickets to Disneyland, Universal Studios, Sea World and Aquarium of the Pacific. See Details

Auto Loans
2.44% APR
60 month term, A+ Credit
RV Loans
2.94% APR
60 month term, A+ Credit
VISA Credit Card
7.50% APR
Platinum Card
Money Market Account
.25%-.40% APY
$1000 minimum deposit
.10% APY
Earn interest on $500 minimum

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