Time to Downsize Your Wallet?

Transfer your VISA Balances for as low as 2.99% APR** oac until your January 2019 statement.

You could save $500* in just 6 months.

It’s always a good idea to periodically review your credit card terms. Especially if you’re carrying a balance. Federal Family FCU will give you a special rate for transferring balances from other credit cards to your FFFCU Credit Card. It’s a profitable way to save on those high interest Credit Cards.

We are now offering an incentive for you to transfer the balance of another credit card to the Federal Family FCU Platinum card. We are offering 2.99% APR on the transferred balance through April 1, 2018. At the end of January 2018 billing cycle, the transferred balance will convert to our regular low rate.

VISA Platinum – as low as 8.5% APR

VISA Platinum Preferred (with Scorecard Rewards) – as low as 9.0% APR

VISA Classic – 10.9% APR

Don’t delay. Call us at 801-364-5717 (or 888-574-2219 Toll Free) and transfer your balance today.

*Savings based on $10,000 transferred savings 10%. ($10,000 x .10 ÷ 2= $500). e.g. If you transferred $10,000 from cards charging 12.99% or more to our 2.99% APR transfer rate, you would save more than $500 in just 6 months. **APR – Annual Percentage Rate