Our accounts were designed to help our members start a savings account in order to get a good return without the usual “banking” fees that eat into their principal deposit. A “share” savings account can be started with just $50. It not only earns a good dividend but makes you an “owner” of the credit union.

Our Checking Account is free and accounts that maintain a balance of $500 will also earn interest.

As members accumulate more money in their “share” account, they can earn higher interest without risk with our Term Share Certificates or our Money Market accounts. All accounts are insured to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration.

List of Accounts


Share accounts require a $50 deposit. A share account is not just a savings account but an ownership in the credit union.

Checking Accounts

Free Checking. Absolutely no fees.

Term Share Certificates

Increase your net worth with 6 month, 12 month and 18 month “Term Share Certificates.” It’s the best way to invest with “no commission” and is absolutely safe (Federally insured to $250,000 by the NCUA).


Time to start preparing for your retirement with an Individual Retirement. It is also helps you save on taxes this year. No taxes are due until you pull the money out when you retire…and when you’re in a lower tax bracket. Like million Americans start taking advantage of an IRA. Call us for details.

Youth Accounts

Teach your children to save early with a youth savings account. You can open an account with just $25 and help them get in the habit of saving early in life.

The “Eaglet Club” is for members 15 and under. There are a number of resources to teach them to manage their finances. See more information here.

Become a member

Membership Eligibility

Generally, employees of the United States Government who work in or are supervised from the State of Utah are eligible for membership. Their immediate family members are also eligible.

Closed Field of Membership

Membership is restricted in order to give our exclusive members the very best rates and service on their financial needs.

For more information on membership requirement click here for the “membership and eligibility” page.