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Federal Family FCU Savings Calculator


Napolean Hill wrote his book “Think and Grow Rich” clear back in 1937. He said a “A goal is just a dream with a deadline.” In his book he also suggested that we pay ourselves first. 10% or more every month. We pay the utilities and cable bill every month. Consider paying yourself a set amount the same day.

As an example, if you make $5000 per month then save at least $500 per month. You get the idea.

To test his advice use the following calculator to see how much you’ll accumulate in 180 months (15 years) if you saved $500 per month at a rate of 2.5%. Hit calculate below and see if you’d have enough for the retirement you’re dreaming of. Adjust the numbers to be more realistic for you situation. Good luck and happy saving!

And remember, Napolean Hill also said “DON’T WAIT. THE TIME WILL NEVER BE JUST RIGHT.”

Federal Family FCU
Savings Calculator

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